My fave! The Phone Call. Touching scene from Past, Present and Future. I got misty-eyed! :’(

"The second episode is really all about Tony and Ziva, and, I hope, delivers all the things the Tiva fans are going to want.”

As a Tiva fan, I’m going to hold on to this ‘til that very episode that they finally put an answer to “The will they/won’t they?" And I bet it would definitely be a bittersweet moment. /sigh

I’m not quite satisfied that it would only be “all about Tony and Ziva" though. Yes, I know that Gary wants to finally put a dot on this long-overdue-stretched-out story line to maybe please fans like me? Or this is how they figured Ziva can exit. But more than the bond that Tony and Ziva had..

Ziva David, the Mossad Officer came to NCIS "alone" and that Ziva David turned out to be a NCIS Special Agent, now with a family she can call. The family… she gave her trust and trusted. She lovingly embraced. She learned to care and be attached with. So I really hope that Gary will also spare a story line about her and her family as she exits.

A minute or two of these or anything near to it, maybe? 

…a scene with Gibbs in the elevator. Remember Ziva’s first head slap? It is in here, after that they hit it off. And I want them to have a talk about father and daughter stuff perhaps. They are both my fave characters so I want to see a Gibbs send off badly. I would be very emotional if this happens. /sobs

…a heartwarming talk with Ducky at the autopsy, weird right? But she had had moments shared with Ducky in there. So…

…another self defense talk with Palmer or a meet up outside work with Breena.

…visits Vance and his kids at home.

…a dinner with McGee? I wanna see them dine out or maybe teach her a computer game? Anything that a brother and sister does.

…a mini goodbye party at Abby’s lab or maybe after dinner with McGee and her. She and Abby will have last girls night out and sleepover.


Oops.. turned out to be a mini fanfic. Hahaha. :P

Seriously though, If it’s not too much to ask. I am crossing my fingers tight that writers will squeeze in farewell scenes of Ziva with the rest of the team. Yo! GG surprise me! Please!!! :D

Just logged in..

and "Details on Ziva’s ‘Emotional’ Exit welcomed me. Huh?!


but suddenly.. to rub salt to my already aching heart.. 

…mr itunes just played a Goodbye song!

"I’m leaving.. Going now.. I’m gonna leave this place for good.."

Srsly!!!? Freaking srsly!!!



and while finishing up this post…

mr itunes again…

"it’s best… it’s best.. it’s best to let it go.."

ohwright! I’m outta here! ;(


I’m on NCIS hiatus so I don’t have any news about it. Then accidentally just now, I came across an article that says COTE IS LEAVING NCIS!!! My mind went blank! Never did I expect it to happen! I was so confident that she’ll be back… that she’ll definitely renew her contract. The season finale’s storyline said so.. GG was sure of it.. Cote was happy in their interviews right before the finale… She is in good terms with the “family”. So… it’s really shocking! What happened???!!! It hurts! *sobbing*

But decisions has been made. So…

I love NCIS. I love Gibbs. I love Tony. I love McGee. I love Abby. I love Ducky. I love Palmer. I love Vance. I love the Gibblets. I love how Team Gibbs works. I so so love Ziva! She is my fave character! And now that Cote is said to be leaving the show… and just thinking that Ziva wont be there with them? NO ZIVA… in the squadroom? in field works? in the elevator? in the interrogation room? No one messing up english idioms? NO KICKASS AGENT! My trio of McTiVa will be incomplete! SIMPLY NO ZIVA IN NCIS NO MORE! *sobssobs* I am sorry but Idk if I’ll ever watch the show as religiously or as hard-core as I was the past seasons. It would never be the same. ;(

I just hope though this “Appropriate Closure” for Ziva doesn’t mean that they are gonna kill her! Please NCIS… please please DON’T YOU EVA KILL ZIVA DAVID! It would be very devastating to Team Gibbs! Two close colleagues/friends is enough, another one would be too much! Just please spare that story line to Ziva. And also out of respect to us, her fans! Thank You!


Cote’s portrayal of Ziva David is genuinely outstanding that… she made me a fan of NCIS right after I randomly discovered the show while looking for something to watch. She was being a badass… pointing her guns left and right waiting for someone to attack them then retaliate. So much swag! That was when I started to watch the show and I was drawn. Imo, Ziva is the epitome of femme fatale in television! :)

Rule No. 11: “When the job is done, walk away”

To Cote de Pablo you are an amazing actress! Thank You for bringing Ziva David to life! I would never forget Cote de Pablo as Ziva David! I hope you good luck and hope to see you act again in the very near future. *roundofapplause* *handsdown* *salute*

Sad but gotta move on… ;(

ARROW Finale.. explosive! disastrous! Tommy!!! *sobs* And how about Felicity.. is she okay?

Just finished watching the season finale…

What the heck just happened? Darn it! UNEXPECTED. (atleastforme)

September come quick!!!

Done watching ARROW.

Home Invasion… action packed! \m/

Little Taylor so strong for experiencing three home invasions and surviving seeing his parents die. /sobs

You know what… I ship Laurel and Olliver but darn it I’m sad that Tommy ended his relationship with Laurel. Crap! They too are so good for each other. ;(

And Digg + Olliver… done?! NooOoo!

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